Pool Services & Pool Equipment from Brookfield, CT to Ridgefield, CT & Beyond

Absolute customer satisfaction with our inground pools, above ground pools & pool equipmentis our top priority!

Proudly serving Brookfield, CT; Danbury, CT; Newtown, CT; Ridgefield, CT & Brewster, NY

Nejame & Sons qualified service starts before any pool product is even delivered to your home. When new pool products come to the market, we meet with the manufacturer who is introducing the new product, then we fully test it in our own homes. This assures that our clients expectations are met, the product is user friendly, and breakdowns are minimized.

Qualified Service is our commitment to you!

We support the products we sell with a fleet of experienced, radio dispatched service technicians.

These seasoned pool & spa professionals are constantly trained in the latest technology, through trade show seminars, manufacturer service seminars, and corporate sponsored product troubleshooting events.

We thoroughly cross-train our employees on each product we supply to you.

We employ licensed pool service technicians with SP-1, SP-2, and CERTIFIED POOL OPERATORS licenses.

We are open year round! We have in-house mechanics for pumps and filters dropped off for repair at the Danbury showroom.

We also have live customer service coordinators ready to dispatch pool or spa service when you contact.

Contact our team for any of the following products or services:

Computerized water analysis

Expert liner replacement

Pool renovations

Pool openings & closings

Pool maintenance

Filter & pump replacement

Pool heating installations

Pool equipment repair

Winter safety covers

Pool cleaning systems

Pool automation systems

Pool sanitation systems

Pool lighting systems

Water features

Commercial pool service

6000 gal. pool water delivery

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